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I said it before, but yeah. I am really trying to be consistent with these monthly updates. This past two months haven't been exactly due to laziness. The laptop was in for repair and things took a lot longer than anticipated. I finally got it back last week.

Now things are back to normal(?), I plan to hold myself accountable to the plan of consistently designing merch for the store. Three a week was a little too ambitious. I'm now committing to three (3) items a month.

The ideas have been done for weeks. Simply have to put pen to paper. The merch in the queue for this month are a t-shirt, leggings/spats(promised last month), and stickers.

I was working with my cousin on merchandise for her store, and the pic is a mock-up of one of here designs. I really enjoy, and admire, her creativity. If you are interested products with similar designs visit go to the Instagram page.

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